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"Example is not the main thing in influencing others.                    

        It is the only thing."
                        - Albert Schweitzer

We thank all our patients who continue to entrust their faith in us by referring their friends and family, and by submitting their testimonials. There is no greater reward to a practitioner than this.

Category: Energy and Balance
I was, once, one of these people afraid of acupuncture... until I met Klaudia!

Klaudia has transformed my life and got me back into shape (treating me for low-energy and overall balancing) in just a few sessions.

The following story illustrates perfectly this statement: I was in Mexico for business at the beginning of the year. During my trip, I met with a doctor specializing in bio-energy resonance. Contrary to what he was experiencing with every single one of his clients, he could not find anything wrong with me. The only question he asked was whether I had received acupuncture treatment recently because all my meridians were so perfectly balanced! This was in January and my treatment (acupuncture and herbs) lasted four weeks in November.

Klaudia pours her heart and science into your well-being: no two sessions are alike and you always end up feeling better and re-energized. She is very thorough during the intake and never forgets anything you tell her. She has excellent follow-up and shows true concern for your health. She is patient and listens to you with intensity. She is bright and fun and shares her knowledge as both an acupuncturist and herbalist with grace and humility. She is sweet and generous and makes you feel important and taken care of.

If you are concerned about your health, happiness and general well-being, Klaudia Bae is the acupuncturist you do not want to miss out on.
        - Francoise Chesaux, Redondo Beach, CA

Category: Sinusitis - Impacted Sinus
I have suffered from chronic sinusitis for 10 years and can attest to the difficulty in alleviating not only the causes but also the symptoms of this condition.  I have lived with congestion and inflammation of my left sinus and all the ensuing health problems. Yes, a netty pot has provided some relief,  but only a few hours after use.  When the sinus is seriously aggravated my whole system was affected and I was vulnerable to a range of illnesses.  In desperation I have taken prescribed antibiotics with minimal or no results.  

I have finally found relief!   Klaudia determined a regimen of herbs for the sinusitis.  For six weeks I have been taking a combination of herbal formulas, and the results have been most satisfying.  I can breathe deeply through the nostril that was impacted, and the pressure of inflammation is gone.  Occasionally congestion has returned but my system is able to purge the sinus within a few hours.

I have dreaded hay fever season and was concerned that allergies would once again contribute to my sinus problem.  Klaudia added another formula to my daily regimen and the 'running faucet' has been turned off without the negative side effects of over-the-counter decongestants.  Herbal treatment has me breathing the the Spring air deeply.
- Carroll Charlet, Reno, NV

Category: Breast Cancer - Complement Care
Klaudia is amazing. I started going to her in 2008 to ease the discomfort from chemotherapy side effects. I continue to rely heavily on her to rebuild my immunity. Whether its needles in my ears, taking herbs or receiving cupping on my back, she gets the health results I desperately want. And she absolutely is the nicest person I've ever met.
- Alice Crisci, Redondo Beach, CA
[Ms. Crisci is Founder and Chairman of the Board at My Vision.org, a non-profit organization helping women of reproductive age overcome the challenges of breast cancer, raising public awareness, and advocating healthcare reforms. Please visit her website: www.myvision.org.]  

Category: Energy and General Health Maintenance
I truly believe that Klaudia can heal anything. She has healed me on so many levels. And it is impossible to discuss Klaudia without mentioning her profound levels of compassion, honesty, grace, humor, knowledge and genuine kindness. My treatments with Klaudia are the best part of my week.
- Buffy Charlet, W. LA, CA
[Please visit Buffy's blog, Hip Hop Hippie: www.HipHopHippie.com.  Her writing is entertaining, funny, eloquent and candid.  She resonates truths in so many areas. Pure laughter...always the best medicine.] 

Category: Irritable Bowels, Energy
Before meeting Klaudia, I suffered from periodic very difficult colon problems over a twenty-five year period, with related low energy and general malaise.

I have now had 8 treatments with Klaudia and I have already experienced a tremendous improvement. Over the years I have tried many alternative therapies but the results of the treatment with Klaudia have been truly surprising.
            - Ed Spencer, Hollywood Hills, CA

Category: Men's Health -  Prostate, elevated PSA
Klaudia's thorough knowledge of traditional Asian medicine, her gentle and caring nature, and her experience and dedication to her patients make her an invaluable doctor and healer. I first started treatments with Klaudia at a time when I was in-between acupuncturists for several months.  My acupuncturist of more than 20 years had retired and a colleague referred me to her.  Initially, I was reluctant to see anybody because I had been under the care of a phenomenal healer for decades and was not confident of finding another.  But after meeting Klaudia and starting treatments with her, it soon became apparent to me that I was under excellent care. 
At the time of my first treatment with Klaudia, my PSA level had become elevated from 4, my normal, to 5.  Considering my retirement age, I was concerned about the possibility of developing prostate cancer.  Klaudia treated me with acupuncture and herbs and three months later my PSA level dropped to 4.6.  Now, six months into my treatments with her, my PSA level continues to drop and is currently 4.2.  I continue to see Klaudia regularly to benefit my overall health as well as my prostate health, and I highly recommend Klaudia Bae to all who are seeking healing. 
- Herbert Mahler, Long Beach, CA

Category: Women's Health -  Menstrual Irregularities, Ovarian Cysts
For most of my adult life I would catch 5 or 6 colds a year. I was constantly worn down and always on the verge of getting sick. In addition to always fighting off a cold, my menstrual cycle was extremely unpredictable and my cramping and mood swings were almost unbearable. Western doctors just kept trying to put me on birth control, which just masked a much larger issue. In my very first session with Klaudia, she was able to detect exactly what was going on--that I had ovarian cysts (a fact confirmed by ultra-sounds). Once again, Western doctors merely wanted to put me on birth control and call it a day. I refused and instead continued to get treatments from Klaudia. My periods are now regular and my cramping and mood swings have considerably decreased. Also, I haven't had a cold in 6 months--truly miraculous. These are just two of the innumerable ways in which Klaudia has healed me. She's also healed my torn hamstring, my insomnia, my low energy levels, my sprained knee, headaches, etc, etc, etc. She’s helped me in so many ways. I am happy to recommend her to my family and all my friends.
- Sky Gregory, Burbank, CA

Category: Women's Health - Postpartum
After having a wonderful baby boy I found myself in an unexpected situation. I had heard about the baby blues and had heard stories of post partum depression. The furthest from my mind was that this could ever affect me personally. I had always prided myself to rationalize in times of distress and counter by getting immersed in my job or pick up my workout routine. None of the strategies took. No balance, no center. For the first time in my life I experienced panic attacks and I could not find rest although I was increasingly sleep deprived.

I met Klaudia for my first acupuncture treatment in my entire life during that time. My anxiousness and panic clearly radiated from my middle and as soon as the first needles touched my ear I felt energy zoom through my body trying to untie knots and break barriers inside. I will not attempt to describe my physical experience but that night I slept as deeply and restfully as I hadn’t in months.  I continued to see Klaudia on a weekly basis for four months and still see her regularly to this day. Her treatment through acupuncture, massage and herbs was instrumental in helping me clear through the fog. Our conversations, together with my families support helped me to face the circumstances that had brought me to my breaking point. Step by step I gained my balance back, back to a newly organized and focused self.

Last week my son started walking, a happy, content and unbelievably beautiful little man. I am extremely thankful to Klaudia for taking on the role that she has throughout this journey of mine.
Her knowledge, skill and unbelievably caring personality has influenced my life healingly and lastingly.
        - Iris, Hermosa Beach, CA

Category: Nephrology and Cardiovascular
I was diagnosed with kidney problems and heart disease and was put on medications for high blood pressure, abdominal swelling and leg swelling from water retention. After a couple of years of taking medication every day and feeling physically terrible from the side effects I tried Chinese medicine with Klaudia. Before this my doctor prescribed more medications for the heart and for the side effects. Within 6 months of taking Klaudia's herbal tea twice a day I was able to stop taking the diuretics and get off the heart medication completely. I am continuing to take the herbs as if my life depended on them because it does. It is not tasty but I am grateful for the natural medicine she gives me and for helping me to live a much healthier life than I would on the drugs. I don't have migraines and sinus pressure anymore. I don't have to wake up 4 or 5 times a night to urinate and my urine is no longer a milky color. I had not realized it was not normal to have milky color urine because it had been that way for as long as I can remember. Klaudia gets on my case a lot about my bad sleeping habits and not exercising enough and not keeping up with my qi gong but she has a heart of gold and she genuinely cares. She spent a huge amount of time getting to know my situation. She also seems to be very knowledgeable about the western medical side. I have tried one other Chinese medicine doctor before, a well-known one, but the herbs were not quite right for me and his acupuncture and herbs fees were more than double for far less results. I highly recommend her.
        - DP, San Fernando Valley, CA

Category: Neurology and Cardiovascular
I have been going to Healing & Image for more than a year for massage from Klaudia's mother who is a shiatsu pain treatment specialist, but always got my acupuncture from my acupuncturist of eight years in the San Gabriel Valley until something happened. I developed an illness I had never seen before. Numbness in my hands and face, plus a strange sort of congestion in my head. My head's circulation had been mediocre for years as well, not to mention having chronic low energy. Klaudia was able to quickly and correctly diagnose my condition. After a few visits with Klaudia, my numbness and head congestion was permanently cured, and after about two months my facial circulation and general energy went from terrible to normal. I am looking forward to seeing the results from future regular treatments with Klaudia. Klaudia is the most conscientious and careful acupuncturist I have ever seen. She takes a lot of extra time and care for all of her patients. She definitely goes that extra mile and many more. I am in India for a month where I can't find a single reliable acupuncturist, so I bet you know the first thing I am going to do when I put my feet on American soil...
        - Jeremy Belmont, Los Angeles, CA

Category: Esophageal Stenosis secondary to Esophageal Cancer
After being diagnosed with esophageal cancer my wife encouraged me to try acupuncture with Klaudia. I was very skeptical, but continued treatments because I couldn't swallow most solid foods. The laser treatment that I received at Johns Hopkins Hospital removed the cancer but left scarring in the lower esophagus causing stricture at the junction between the stomach and esophagus. Klaudia gave me some special herbs that worked to shrink the inflammation in that area, and treated me with acupuncture to increase the natural flow to the trauma area.

During the same time my medical doctor was mechanically trying to dilate my esophagus by putting me under anesthesia every eight days to two weeks to do an endoscopy with a series of dilation balloons. After 12 treatments of that my condition did not improve. Klaudia gave me more herbs and treatments and asked me to hold off on the dilations to give her treatments a chance to work. I am happy to say that I have not been back for Dilations and can eat everything I want. Klaudia has made me a believer in her abilities as a healer. I will go to her first with my medical problems as she researches all aspects then makes recommendations. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health.
        - MW, Redondo Beach, CA

Category: BPV - Benign Positional Vertigo and Dizziness
Klaudia has been the best accupuncturist that I've been to yet.  Not only did she cure all of my ailments, but she actually made it fun too.  She is extremely knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond to make sure you are at your healthiest. 
        - Jonathan Godfrey, Los Angeles, CA

Category: Chronic Fatigue and Elbow Tendonitis
I went to Klaudia Bae suffering from tennis elbow, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a swollen and sore jaw. We've made steady progress with all three problems. I'm able to work again for hours (as a writer and photographer) without constant pain.
        - Carey Ford, Los Angeles, CA

Category: Musculoskeletal - Acute Lumbar Sprain (Back Pain)
I woke up with severe lower back pain one morning which I didn't think would be a problem until the next day - I couldn't walk. I rested and did all the things we are told to do: hot bath, heat, icing and stretching. After all that I was still in pain and still couldn't walk. Then a friend referred me to Klaudia for acupuncture so I went. After my session I felt a lot better and went again for deep healing massage from Klaudia's mother (Jong) and more acupuncture from Klaudia. And I gotta  tell ya, on a scale of 1 to 10, I felt at a low level below 3. Afterwards I was able to walk again and now I do not feel any pain whatsoever. I will continue to see Klaudia to keep my back in shape and I highly recommend going to Klaudia for acupuncture and her mom for deep healing massage. They're simply the best - better than any massage I ever received. And for all who are skeptical of acupuncture, don't be!  It is well worth it if you are serious about your health and well being. It makes me feel great knowing Klaudia cared so much for my well being.  Klaudia: thank you for all your help.  
Sincerely, Marco Cacioppo.
        - Marco Cacioppo, Los Angeles, CA

Category: Musculoskeletal - Sciatica
Several years ago I made a very conscious decision to exercise and get in shape. Had I trusted myself and officiated my own program, at my own pace, I would have been fine. Instead, I hired a physical trainer. After extensive sessions and dedication, I started to question my trainer in regard to certain areas of discomfort: the outer right thigh, both left and right calves, and left and right biceps. When I questioned my trainer, the answer I got was a question: "Who is your trainer? You must trust your trainer!" Finally I quit and thank God I did! The problem was, he had too much weight on every machine I was working on. It destroyed my outer right leg muscles and tendons, which eventually caused a sciatic condition from the hip to the ankle. I experienced many sleepless nights with pain because the pain increases when the body lies horizontal. With the calves, I had many many charlie horses (three tiered), and very, unbelievably painful!!

Klaudia has started to treat me and after only 4 or 5 acupuncture sessions on my right sciatic nerve, I have had no sleepless nights and all pain on that side has subsided. Now, I am looking forward to her treatment on my biceps and my calves. I shall keep you updated.
        - Marsha Roberts, Los Angeles, CA

Category: Musculoskeletal - Ankle Sprain
(photo forthcoming) I FINISHED! Thanks so much Klaudia. Without your help, this picture would not have been. Who would have thought that three weeks ago when I injured my left ankle tripping on an uneven sidewalk while training at night... (not too smart, huh?) that I would be crossing the finish line at the Honolulu Marathon. That's 26 miles of running, jogging, walking and laboring with only one thought in my mind... "Must Finish". Klaudia, thanks to your incredible treatment and caring, I was able to cross the finish line in 6 hours. Not my best time, but I made it! With utmost gratitude, Herb Tasaka.
        - Herb Tasaka, Torrance, CA

Category: Women's Health - Hysterectomy secondary to Uterine Cancer
Last year I had a hysterectomy after being diagnosed with uterine cancer. About 6 weeks before the surgery I walked into Klaudia Bae's clinic to find out if there was anything that Chinese medicine could offer. I was told by Klaudia that in America, acupuncturists are not allowed to treat cancer except as supportive therapy. She explained that the services she could offer was to boost my immune system before the surgery, prepare my body for the traumatic experience, and prevent the spread of the cancer before the surgery, and after the surgery to help with the recovery and prevent a relapse of the cancer. I followed her advice and began acupuncture and herbs during that time and for four months following the surgery. She put me on a healthy diet that I'm still following today. It was a difficult time physically, mentally and emotionally but Klaudia's caring and gentle ways put my mind at ease and the acupuncture helped to calm my anxiety. My surgery was a success and no radiation or chemotherapy was needed. My recovery was miraculously fast with a minimum amount of pain. I strongly believe that the acupuncture and herbs helped with all of this, including the complete resolution of the cancer. Now I am back for more treatments for other aspects of my health. Klaudia is truly one of a kind.
        - (name withheld for privacy)

Category: Women's Health - PMS, Gastrointestinal, Chronic Fatigue, Back Pains
For many years I have had terrible PMS, low energy, digestion problems and back pains. I had been seeing an acupuncturist from China for herbs and acupuncture for over 7 months. My energy seemed to get better but most of my hormonal problems continued. Then a friend recommended that I go see Klaudia. After just 3 months of treatments there were great improvements in all areas including the mental, emotional and physical symptoms. She had me chart my body temperature and used it to interpret the problems related to my monthly hormone imbalance. Based on this she gave me 2 different herbal teas to take at different times of the month to adjust different aspects of my hormones. The other acupuncturist only gave me the one type of tea. From what I have read about the different types of hormones being active at different times of the month, Klaudia's technique made sense. If she can help me, I'm sure she can help almost anybody. But in addition to her talents and skills as an acupuncturist, Klaudia is a sincere and caring person. She listens and always makes me feel as if I matter as a person and goes out of her way to take good care of me.
        - Chris Lee, Los Angeles, CA.

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