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In traditional Asian and traditional Chinese medicine, the mind, body and spirt are viewed as inseparable. It is believed that a disharmony in one area will, in time, affect the others. Thus, to properly heal a disorder, all three aspects of a person must be examined, diagnosed and treated. In our mission to provide the most complete care to bring forth mind-body-spirit wholeness, we offer the four therapeutic cornerstones of Asian medicine which are acupuncture, herbs, nutrition and wellness counseling and therapeutic body work.

To view a summary of the treatment types we utilize pertaining to these services, please see the section on Patient Information - Asian Medicine Modalities.

acupuncture Acupuncture
Acupuncture consists of inserting very fine, sterile needles into key energy focal points located along various energy pathways within the body. At certain depths after insertion, the needles may activate the body's central and peripheral nervous systems, their neurotransmitter mechanisms, and local and central immune systems. Acupuncture not only brings about symptomatic relief, but also calms the agitated mind, roots the spirit, and induces actual healing.
For additional information on this topic please see the section on Acupuncture.

acupuncture Herbs
Traditional Asian herbal medicine is unrivaled in its comprehensiveness and systematic application. Herbs are products found in nature having various healing properties. These include plants, minerals, shells, and in some cases non-endangered animal products. In Asia more than 20,000 natural products are identified as having medicinal properties. Clinically, about 500 may be commonly used. In the tradition of herbal alchemy, we expertly combine select herbs to custom-blend herbal formulas for each patient. No two formulas are the same, ever, as each patient is unique in his/her constitution and medical presentation. Additionally, we use the highest grade of herbs in extract-powder form to ensure safe, preservative-free healing while providing ease of use for the patient. Herbs in pill-form are also available.  For additional information on this topic please see the section on Herbs.

acupuncture Nutrition and Wellness Counseling
Until recently, allopathic medicine placed very little emphasis on the nutritional component of health and disease. Conversely, traditional Asian medicine has recognized and utilized the healing power of foods for thousands of years. In the clinical setting, we find that some patients lack proper knowledge about healthy versus unhealthy nutrition. In other cases, patients adhere to a widely accepted nutritional plan unaware that certain aspects of their diet may be unhealthy for their particular constitution and/or medical condition. And often, many are aware of the steps to proper nutrition but lack the time and resources to apply them. In all cases we take great care to inform and educate, help formulate a workable solution, and steadfastly work with each patient to help implement a healthy diet based on individual needs and his/her particular energetic balance. For additional information on this topic please see the section on Nutrition.

acupuncture Therapeutic Body Work
Therapeutic body work consists of working with the skin, muscles, tissues, tendons and joints to free the energy pathways, promote removal of toxins, lubricate for mobility and flexibility, reduce pain and inflammation, and facilitate healing at those layers. Therapeutic Body Work also promotes release of the body's natural endorphins and neurotransmitters to calm the Mind and encourage mind-body balance. Our therapies combine several techniques in each session to bring about maximum relief and healing. These techniques include acupressure, deep tissue, shiatsu, tui na, and our very own specialized form of healing therapy. Our experienced therapists utilize the acupuncture energy pathways and acupuncture points to offer our patients a world-class healing experience. For additional information please see the discussion on Therapeutic Body Work under Patient Information - Asian Medicine Modalities.

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