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"Drugs are not always necessary. Belief in recovery always is." - Norman Cousins

Holistic Experience

holistic Traditional Asian medicine (also referred to as traditional Chinese medicine) takes an holistic (whole-body) approach to health, healing and wellness. This entails examining, diagnosing and treating all aspects of the self including the mind, body and spirit. It is this holistic approach which, for nearly five thousand years, has enabled skilled practitioners of the medicine to reach deeply into the root and dynamics of a patient's health phenomenon. Remaining true to this tradition has enabled us to help treat the underlying (root) conditions, and their aggravating factors, in addition to providing symptom-relief.

With the advent of modern biomedicine and specialized disciplines within it, patients today have the best healthcare opportunities available. An harmonious partnership can and does exist between the ancient and modern sciences. Within this context an holistic approach also means that, whenever necessary, patients will be encouraged to see a physician or specialist in conventional biomedicine for specific evaluations and diagnostics testing. This is especially the case when a life-threatening condition is suspected or for conditions that respond better under multidisciplinary care involving traditional Asian medicine, biomedicine, psychotherapy, chiropractics and/or physical therapy.

Throughout the course of one's treatments with us, the patient will learn how external elements (including environment, lifestyle and nutrition), internal factors (including congenital and acquired conditions) and mental-emotional states affect one's whole-body health and wellness. The patient will also be taught ways to off-set many kinds of negative factors with an individualized diet and nutrition plan, lifestyle adjustments, exercises, breathing techniques, Tai Qi or Qi Gong movements, and more.  

By aligning with and drawing upon nature and its harmonizing energies, health, wellness and longevity can be experienced by those who are willing to seek it. 

First Visit   |   Healing Process   |   Asian Medicine Modalities - Treatment Types   

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