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  About Us

Welcome to our clinic.  We are a dedicated group of therapists, practitioners and doctor of holistic healing delivering traditional Asian medicine including acupuncture, herbs, nutrition therapy, and therapeutic body work.  Unlike allopathic biomedicine which treats disorders within a standardized set of protocols, irrespective of the individual involved, we practice the art and science of true holistic healing.  Doing so means applying therapy, treatments and herbal medicine specifically formulated for each patient’s unique constitution and age, mental-emotional state, and health condition.  This service-intensive, patient-oriented approach has enabled us to treat a wide variety of disorders ranging from musculoskeletal sprains, strains and degenerative forms to neurology, cardiovascular disorders, urogenital and reproductive disorders, cancer complement care, and more. 

Each patient who comes to us seeking a solution for his/her health malady and medical condition is carefully guided through a path of wellness. This is accomplished not only through the patient-customized care we provide, but also through educating about individualized nutritional needs, exercise techniques and lifestyle adjustments which are critical to ensure optimum health and continuing wellness.

No patient is ever merely a number. Every patient is a welcomed lifelong partner and beneficiary of our commitment to helping relieve mind-body suffering, and providing safe and non-invasive healing. In this mission, we thank all our patients - past, present and future - who have allowed us to assist them in their wellness journeys.
           "What we do for ourselves dies with us.                    
                         What we do for others remains immortal."
                                  - Albert Einstein
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